Boy Scout and Girl Guide Postal Stationery

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Madla Speidergruppe 10 år
(Madla Scout Group 10 years)

In co-operation between Norsk Speiderfilatelistisk Gruppe (Spiva-Fil, Norwegian Scout Philatelic Group in Stavanger), Madla Speidergruppe av NSF (Madla Scout Group) and Norway Post, a postal card was produced in connection with Madla Scout Group's 10th Anniversary in 1985. The stamp imprint shows Tofte farm in Dovre. The illustration to the left shows a viking ship with "10 år" (10 years) as the ship's square sail. The card reverse is blank.

The postal cards were printed locally in Stavanger, in blue colour. The red stamp imprint was subsequently recess printed by E. Moestue A/S in Oslo, together with the letter "B", indicating that the card was intended for economy mail. 1100 cards were printed (information from Bjørn Muggerud 2017).

No special postmarks were used for the scout group's jubilee. Mail sent by the group would normally be cancelled at the Madla post office. The card was possibly available for purchase from the jubilee date 14 December, 1985.

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