Artwork for the 1982 GB Scout and Guide Stamps

By Hallvard Slettebø

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Scout stamp Guide stamp

The GB 1982 Youth Organisations Issue with its boy scout and girl guide stamps is well known to scout and guide stamps collectors. What is probably not known, is that there is original artwork for this issue on the market.

In most countries, stamp artists and designers are supposed to hand over artwork for stamps to the postal authorities. This is also normally the case for GB, where artwork is kept by the National Postal Museum.

The stamps of this issue were designed by the British artist Brian Sanders. During the design phase, it seems that he has made various sketches before arriving at the final stamp design. Some of these are now available on the market, both pencil sketches as well as water colours, and for both the boy scout stamp and the girl guide stamp. All of the known artwork pieces differ more or less from the accepted design, so it is possible that only the final artwork was sent to the authorities. It appears that the artwork for this issue was purchased from the artist by a Dr. Latto, who was at the time on the "Stamp Design Council". Dr. Latto's collection has now been broken up, and thus giving new collectors the chance of acquiring good material for their collections.

The original artwork pieces are all about 12x17 cm, on thin paper, and they are all signed in ink by the artist. Below can be seen the pieces that are known today, but other pieces may have been in Dr. Latto's collection.

If you have more information about the artwork for this issue, please contact the author.

Scout stamp sketch # 1 Scout stamp sketch # 2
Figure 3. Pencil sketch, showing proposed 16 p design for the scout stamp.

Figure 4. Pencil sketch, design very similar to the scout stamp, but with 17p.

Scout stamp water colour Guide stamp sketch # 1
Figure 5. Pencil and water colour, very close to accepted design of the scout stamp (26p), annotated 22p. White scout and coloured cub scout, this is changed to (the more politically correct?) coloured big brother and white little brother on the stamp.

Figure 6. Pencil sketch, proposed design for the guide stamp, 18p. Guide only, the banner shows that she is from "...ND WEST HAMPSTE...", while the actual stamp does not say "...ND" (second?).

Guide stamp sketch # 2 Guide stamp sketch # 3
Figure 7. Pencil sketch, proposed design for the guide stamp, 18p. Brownie guide and guide with banner.

Figure 8. Pencil sketch, proposed design for the guide stamp, 18p. Brownie guide and saluting guide without banner.

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