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By Hallvard Slettebø

C. 1938?, License No. 149. From a brochure for Frilufts-Magasinet, Copenhagen
(general store with a Scout department, operated 1933-1944).

C. 1950's?, License No. 170, Det Danske Spejderkorps Depot, Copenhagen (Scout shop, in operation from 1945).
Envelope, two imprints are recorded:
Kan nedlægges ufrankeret i Postbrevkasserne (May be posted unfranked in the mail boxes), and
Postbesørges ufrankeret (modtageren betaler portoen) (Will be forwarded unfranked (the adressee pays the postage)).

Unknown year, 1950's?, License No. 216. KFUM-Spejdernes Depot A/S, København
(YMCA Boy Scout Shop, Copenhagen). The reverse of the postcard shows a form for ordering equipment etc.

1957, KFUM-Spejderne (YMCA Scouts), Farsø.
The illustration is from Phila-Spejd 1995, page 80.
Original source is "Førermeddelelser" (Danish Scout Leader Bulletin) No. 9/1957.

C. 1985, Spejderforlaget A/S (Scout book publishers), Hellerup.

1989 (above) and 1991 (below),
Spejderforlaget A/S (Scout book publishers), Hellerup.
The illustrations are from Phila-Spejd 1995, page 81.

1999, Det Danske Spejderkorps, København (DDS - Danish Scout and Guide Association, Copenhagen).
ArGe Pfadfinder No. DK-F-001
Postcard for ordering information about DDS. A double card,
where the other card can be detached and used as a regular postcard.

2006, A5 postcard for reporting amount earned in the Scout fund-raising campaign.

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